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The Footsteps of Luther – Reformation Tour to Germany May 1-10, 2015

Wartburg Castle - Where Martin Luther Translated the Bible into German

Lead by Pastor Warren Coe and his wife, Marlys. Would you like to step inside the very room in which Martin Luther translated the New Testament into German, or admire the pulpits from which he preached and where pastors still preach today? … [Read More...]

What’s New at VSB


We have all learned to live with "voice mail" as a necessary part of modern life. But have you wondered, what if God decided to install voice mail?"  Imagine praying and hearing this: Thank you for calling My Father's House. Please select one of the … [Read More...]

Prayers for Nancy

Our school administrator, Nancy Malchow, needs our prayers.  Her mother passed this past Monday.  Funeral arrangements are for next week.  Thanks for being an instrument of grace and comfort. Warren   … [Read More...]