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The Footsteps of Luther – Reformation Tour to Germany May 1-10, 2015

Wartburg Castle - Where Martin Luther Translated the Bible into German

Lead by Pastor Warren Coe and his wife, Marlys. Would you like to step inside the very room in which Martin Luther translated the New Testament into German, or admire the pulpits from which he preached and where pastors still preach today? … [Read More...]

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Happy Reformation Sunday

In 1507 Martin Luther was ordained to the priesthood.  In 1508 he became professor of moral philosophy at the University of Wittenberg and in 1511 he became a Doctor of Theology and professor of biblical exegesis. Luther had a dread of God; a … [Read More...]

Resurrected Christ. Resurrected Believers

The resurrection of Jesus Christ--the greatest event in human history--substantiated the claims and ministry of Jesus Christ.  He predicted His resurrection and it came to pass (John 20). But for Christians the resurrection of Jesus Christ is more … [Read More...]